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  • 新宝5注册测速地址-新宝5手机版登录官网下载-新宝5娱乐. is devotes to the modern laboratory complete set of equipment research and development, the production, sales, the physical distribution and the installment service specialized company.The product involves the universities and technical institutes colleges and universities, the research institute and the enterprises and institutions first-class modernization bench-scale equipment series, the principle, melts, the fresh bench-scale equipment series, multimedia pronunciations, audiovisual education bench-scale equipment series; Covers the laboratory ventilation system, the laboratory pure system, the weak electricity intelligence control system, water electricity communication domains and so on decoration system, instrumentation equipment and laboratory bench conveyance system.

      The company is Hong Kong reveals one's aspirations the technical group the holding company, relies on the unceasing technological innovation, the customer for is revering the spirit which, the quality first, goes all out, the company has become one to provide the modernized first-class laboratory integrated system equipment the specialized company, is the internationalization bench-scale equipment advanced idea introduction domestic positive initiator.In view of each kind of bench-scale equipment production, the processing and the manufacture technology has achieved the advanced ranks in the nation.Company all products have obtained the country product quality inspector general department

      The company uses the internationalization the corporate management pattern, relies on the international first-class technical talented person, the rich project management and the construction experience, researches and develops unceasingly produces the new product to adapt the customer demand.Through many year explorations and the summary, the practice, the difficult problem which bumps into in view of the manufacture in carries on the unremitting attack, the consummation, the innovation, enable the product which our company produces to have the modelling elegantly, the line smooth, the color fashion, exquisite workmanship, leading field being characteristic.The company strengthens unceasingly with the customer communication exchange, establishes a set of customer service feedback system, thus satisfies the different customer the demand.According to the different laboratory environment request, makes every effort the laboratory overall layout the science and perfect, makes diligently

    Address: xiamen with anxi KeHuan 79 east sea zalman industrial park building
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